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Hol'Up Europe

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Only sold as a single pack on your first order!


Hol'up products are 100% vegan and animal cruelty free.

All products are plant sourced and not animal sourced; and most definitely, not tested on animals. Made for us, human beings, addressing our needs.

Therefore, tested on human hair for more than 12 months to guarantee the best results.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA.

How to apply

1. Take a small amout of product and rub between palms.
2. Apply evenly on hair, dry damp for different looks.
3. Style with fingers and/or a comb.


Product created by professional barbers and chemists who have researched and perfected all formulas to deliver the best results for the use of other professionals.


Natural and plant-based ingredients, such as hemp oil, which is key to deliver highly performing styling results and maintaining a healthy hair and scalp. All formulas are unique and paraben free.

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